3 tips to gain an advantage when betting

In sports betting often occurs several important concepts. One of them is “to gain an advantage.” People say that to succeed, you must obtain an advantage … they know that they have a great advantage, and so on. This is a very important concept that is truly the key to successful betting, but not always understand him correctly punters. Now is the time to look at what is the advantage and what punters must have in mind when they think about it and seek it.

We must start with a definition. The advantage is (simply put) when you have a “head start” before the bookies. When you are assigned to a particular match odds, the bookmakers indicate the likelihood of concrete results. But if you think that any outcome is more likely than indicate the courses, then you have the advantage. If you on the outcome theoretically bet again and again – and should the truth about his real higher probability – you have achieved in the long term profit.

If on the contrary, I think the outcome is less likely than indicate the bookmakers odds, then have the advantage of bookmakers (those trying to take advantage of all times) and the bet for you thus not attractive. In fact, it was a real bad idea in this type of betting opportunities in the long term bet.

Below you will find three important factors that you in search of benefits should not be ignored:

It does not matter about who you think will win the match
Probably the hardest to detect unsuccessful bettors and bookies beginners. When you start betting on sports, you probably big fans of sports. And fans (quite logically) spend a lot of time thinking about which team wins the match and that on the contrary it loses. The most important thing is for them to score.

But if this approach will bring them into sports betting, you will be unsuccessful. Successful sports bettors do not care which team wins and who loses. We must focus on how the game will play around, what is the variance of possible outcomes, how likely are these results and what (not) are consistent with the stated probability courses.

There are plenty of situations in which you can be very confident that the team wins the match, but the same can not bet, because due to the size of the courses would not make sense. Conversely, there will be plenty of situations in which you quite sure that the team loses the match, but even so, bet on it, because if it wins you earn more than they should because of the likelihood of his winnings should earn. In the long run, so betting on such an opportunity earn.

Beware of overestimating your benefits

If you like sports betting, then almost certainly have a (rather large) ego. That is not a bad thing, since the success of a fairly large ego desperately need. Just think about it – the main goal is to outsmart bettors bookmakers, coaches, general managers, players and the betting public.

If you think that you’re not, then you will not ever bet. Ego is therefore a good thing, but there is also a potential disadvantage. Punters are often too high ego, so they think they have a great advantage – if it in fact (at least as much) do not. The fact is that finding the advantage is not easy. You have to analyze a lot of matches and proceed very precisely. Find an advantage is certainly not impossible, but it is not a toy. If it was, everyone would bet a bookmaker would have gone bankrupt.

A good way to overcome their tendency to overestimate the benefit is to be in estimating the size of benefits very conservative. If you think you have a big advantage as well, act as if the benefit was small. And if you think you have a small advantage, behave as if you did not have any. This procedure is much less likely that you will overestimate the size of its advantages (and due to this error to lose money). This point is closely connected to a point no. 3:

Important records are not your point of view

In search helps bettors benefits mainly one essential tool – keeping records of betting. When I look back on it, as in the past bet (bets and have roztřízené depending on what sport betting, what type of bets they were sure bet on the favorite or the underdog, and so on) to clearly see what type of bets gave them an advantage in the long term and thus make profits. Likewise see, contrary to what the stakes losing money (and which therefore have an advantage sázkovka).

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